Colorbeam Lighting introduces a new line of BI-White and RGBW LED chips. The HEKA LED chips are engineered to be the next advancement in human-centric lighting.

This energizing and productivity-enhancing LED light source can deliver warmer and more comfortable light.

Light is not just for vision; light controls our circadian rhythm.

The human body keeps track of time using circadian clocks in our brains. Our circadian rhythm controls many functions in our body, such as hormone release, hunger and sleep. (Zijl, J.)

 Humans have evolved under cycles of natural daylight for millions of years. However, our capability to control light is something that is newer to us. Previously humans had a clear demarcation of day and night, but now distinctions are becoming blurred due to overlighting. (Cain, S. W)

 After dusk, we are exposed to way too much lighting, more specifically, blue light.

 Blue light suppresses melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Melatonin is essentially the body’s way of indicating day and night. Our circadian system is most sensitive to blue light, and as a result, we require far less of it than red & green light. Moreover, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall asleep if the release of melatonin is suppressed. (Cain, S. W)

 Not only does blue light inhibit your ability to sleep, but it also disrupts the quality of deep sleep. As a result, we are getting a lower quality of sleep because of the way we are lighting our lives.

 Circadian Biologist & Colorbeam consultant Sean Cain published a study in the PNAS journal, which demonstrated that the artificial light we live under could be disrupting our internal clocks.

 Sean and his team gathered 55 participants in a room at night-time and monitored their melatonin levels hourly while exposing them to different light levels.

The study demonstrated that a dim reading light delayed the release of melatonin by 77 minutes, while a standard overhead light delayed it by 120 minutes. (A. J. K. Phillips)

All test participants had varying reactions to the same level of light. Certain subjects had their melatonin suppressed just by candlelight. As a result, artificial light is a primary factor in disturbing the internal clock of sensitive people. (A. J. K. Phillips)

At Colorbeam Lighting, we have created a solution that will help reduce overstimulation to blue light. The HEKA chipset bridges the gap between warm CCTs and high MRs for healthy and relaxed environments. The new HEKA LED chips to contain an improved melonopic spectral content of 680nm with exceptional red-rendering, ideal for enriching natural skin tones.


Lighting designers & builders want luminaires which produce warm CCTs with a high MR, ideal for residential applications.

Our new chips contain warmer CCTs, which produce lower levels of blue & cyan. The reduced blue lights allow for improved melatonin secretion, ideal for nighttime unwinding and preparation for restful sleep. Subsequently, these chips create comfortable and healthier living environments for those under the light.

The HEKA chips are compatible with any Colorbeam 14W BI-White light engine and are available in 2200K – 5000K.

Want to learn how circadian lighting can create a productive environment for your next residential project? Contact Colorbeam today

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Colorbeam Lighting introduces a new line of BI-White and RGBW LED chips. The HEKA LED chips are engineered to be the next advancement in human-centric lighting. This energizing and...
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