Colorbeam Lighting Products on Display to Include Wide Range of Flexible LED Strips and Interior and Exterior Lighting for Residential and Commercial Spaces

SOUTHLAKE, Texas  Jan. 7, 2021  ProSource, the largest audio, video, and integration buying group in the United States, today announced that it will feature vendor partner Colorbeam at its Lighting Technology and Learning Center in the Dallas Market Center, which is set to open in Q1 2021.

Colorbeam’s complete portfolio of RGBW recessed fixtures, tape and accent lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting products are perfect for creating a desired lighting effect in any environment. The company provides flawless, flicker-free dimming curves; control simplicity; and unparalleled compatibility with lighting control from third-party manufacturers. Pioneers in true tunability ranging from 1800K to 6500K, the Colorbeam Lighting technology delivers unlimited scenes and mood settings based on application or time of day. Colorbeam’s product lineup includes the patented GATEway lighting processor that drives industry-leading human-centric and wellness lighting applications. It is suitable for the AV integration market as well as the specifier market.

“Colorbeam Lighting continues to innovate and lead the industry in its transition to low-voltage architectural lighting,” said Mike Teolis, President and Co-Founder of Colorbeam. “We are committed to providing our partners in the CEDIA channel the most comprehensive business opportunity in the lighting category. Colorbeam’s Tunability, Wellness, RGBW and Control technologies offer integrators the unique ability to enhance the lighting experience in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, which delivers tremendous value to our mutual customers. We look forward to the continued growth in the lighting category with our ProSource partners.”

Colorbeam’s lighting selection includes:

  • Tunable Bi-White LED Tape – Perfect for human-centric lighting
  • RGB LED Tape – Create dynamic lighting scenes throughout any space
  • Skylight Panels – Recreating sunlight in closed spaces like malls and underground offices
  • Exterior Linear Wallwasher – Accentuating outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Venus Recessed Trimless Tunable Luminaires – Used in commercial and residential spaces
  • Inground Lights – Perfect for driveway and patio illumination
  • Step Light – Applications include stairs, corridors, cabinets, and closets

In addition to the exciting products and applications that Colorbeam will be demonstrating immediately within the Center, the next-generation modular luminaires will be added shortly thereafter.

“Colorbeam’s Venus fixture practically disappears into the Experience Center ceiling, but the tunability and color-changing capabilities of their product line will be hard to miss,” said David Warfel, Chief Evangelist, Light Can Help You. “Mike Teolis and Maurizio Gaudio, CTO and Co-Founder of Colorbeam, patiently walked us through their extensive line of downlights so we could get it just right, and we’re going to show some new product that isn’t on the street yet, including their second-generation GATEway. Colorbeam has surprisingly affordable options for circadian lighting that we have in our regular lineup, and it is great to showcase them in the center.”

Information on becoming a ProSource member is available from Sherry Dantonio, Senior Director of Education and Member Recruitment, at (562) 810-1706 or

About Colorbeam

Colorbeam Lighting is a lifestyle, wellness, and experiential lighting company. Colorbeam delivers a revolutionary low-voltage lighting system offering a lighting experience that enhances lives, drives health benefits, and creates productive, appealing, and dynamic spaces in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. Pioneers in true tunability ranging from 1800K to 6500K, the Colorbeam Lighting technology drives the ability to deliver unlimited scenes and mood settings based on application or time of day.

About ProSource 

ProSource is a cooperative, member-governed, not-for-profit buying group representing more than 550 specialty retailers and custom integrators. With annual sales of more than $6 billion, ProSource is the largest specialty and consumer-electronics merchandising group in the United States, which allows it to negotiate stronger programs with manufacturers, help independent dealers stay relevant to consumers, and keep the specialty A/V channel competitive. For additional information go to


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