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Colorbeam launches 3 new series of tunable white fixtures

The Venus offers all the features and benefits sought after by luxury home owners, designers, architects and other professional specifiers. The super slim profile, trimless, tunable fixture is 1.5” in thickness and delivers a powerful 1154 lumens of light. With an amazingly small 1” aperture, the VENUS combines the ultimate in performance and aesthetics. Its 1.5’’ profile now allows for quality recessed lighting in any application including luxury condominiums with very limited in-ceiling space.


The Bianca
Power, Style and Flexibility

The Bianca is the ultimate low voltage, tunable lighting fixture. Driving 2000 lumens of light output at 95+ CRI, tunable options of 1800K to 4000K and 4000K to 6500K and a variety of apertures including wall-washers, the Bianca delivers the right light in residential, commercial and hospitality applications.

Bianca 01-1
9W tunable white in TB-Series
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Sleek and Stylish
The 9W Tunable White Recessed Series

Available in a wide array of decorative trim and trimless options, the Colorbeam 9W light engine at 510 lumens and 95+ CRI is the perfect solution for general lighting in lower ceiling applications, architectural and accent lighting. Small ecological footprint, tunable from 1800K to 4000K or 2700K to 6500K, in sleek and stylish trim offerings delivers a powerful impact on the enhancement of any space.

Cool White


Colorbeam's patent pending GATEway lighting processor delivers the ability to tune light to any temperature (Kelvin) for any application.

Mike Teolis
President, Colorbeam Lighting
“ We have entered the age of digital lighting and the possibilities are endless. Tunability of white light, color, scene and mood settings and human centric lighting applications are the driving forces behind Colorbeam’s lifestyle and wellness lighting solutions. We are better living through better lighting. ”
About us

Colorbeam, a lifestyle and wellness lighting company, delivers a revolutionary low voltage lighting system that offers a better lighting experience, enhances lives, drives health benefits while creating more productive, appealing and dynamic space in residential, commercial and hospitality settings.

Lighting plays such a key role in driving beauty and functionality to space that Colorbeam's unique solution will benefit customers, specifiers, designers and architects seeking the perfect lighting solution that will maximize the enhancement of the space.

3 Brewers Restaurant Group
Mike C., Head of Development

“ Over the course of the last few years, 3 Brewers Restaurant Group has standardized on Colorbeam’s innovative lighting solution for all renovated and new build locations across Eastern Canada. The solution offers dynamic lighting options and features, reliability and ease of use for our staff. The solution has been at the core of our restaurant branding strategy as we continue to strive to offer our customers a great dining and visual experience. ”

A Colorbeam dealer
Cory Reif - Sales Manager

“ I would like to commend you and your staff at Colorbeam Lighting for your excellent work providing us with superior LED fixtures and lighting design services. Your commitment to Eagle Sentry and our residential channel has provided us with the ability to grow our low voltage integration business into an entirely new category. This has allowed us to expand our revenue stream and maximize our dollars per project. ”

Martino Paventi
Home owner

“ My experience with Colorbeam lighting has been nothing short of amazing. The ability the create magical mood settings when entertaining has made our family gatherings, evenings with friends and business functions spectacular. Colorbeam has brought value and enjoyment to our new home. ”

Colorbeam, one lighting company, one system, endless possibilities.
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