At Colorbeam, we believe that for every space, there's a light that's just right!

Our tunable white/human centric lighting group of products: Bianca, TB Series, and the Venus, offered in various lumen outputs offer beauty and simplicity in residential applications. Color plays a key role in the ability to transform space with light. Colorbeam offers an array of RGB indoor and outdoor fixtures that complement and transform space in the hospitality sector. Colorbeam energy efficient LED panels are a perfect fit in any commercial/office lighting application. Available in fixed white temperatures, tunable, or RGB, our panels deliver quality general lighting, create a better work environment, increase productivity, and accent space with color when appropriate.  


Markets_Residential lighting

Colorbeam's lifestyle and wellness lighting offers endless possibilities at a press of a button. Energizing light in the morning, natural light during the day, and elegant warm light in the evening sets the scene to live, work, and enjoy your family gatherings under the light that’s just right.  Personalize your home with Colorbeam's tunability and human centric lighting solution to create a healthier and happier everyday life. Your indoor and outdoor living experience will never be the same.


Colorbeam's low voltage product selection is ideal in a host of commercial applications. Energy efficiency, speed, and ease of installation are but a few of the advantages. Additionally, Colorbeam's leading edge tunable technology drives a healthier, happier, and more productive environment for you and your team.

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Create memorable experiences, retain customers, attract a new client base, and brand your business with light. Colorbeam's indoor and outdoor lighting solutions bring attention to your establishment and allow for endless transformations of space that will drive customer satisfaction.

3 Brewers Restaurant group
Colorbeam Project

“ Over the course of the last few years, 3 Brewers Restaurant Group has standardized on Colorbeam’s innovative lighting solution for all renovated and new build locations across Eastern Canada. The solution offers dynamic lighting options and features, reliability, and ease of use for our staff. Colorbeam's solution has been at the core of our restaurant branding strategy as we continue to strive to offer our customers a great dining and visual experience. ”

Eagle Sentry
Colorbeam Authorized Reseller

I would like to commend you and your staff at Colorbeam Lighting for your excellent work providing us with superior LED fixtures and lighting design services. Your commitment to Eagle Sentry and our residential channel has provided us with the ability to grow our low voltage integration business into an entirely new category. This has allowed us to expand our revenue stream and maximize our dollars per project.

Technology Designer Magazine, First issue 2019
The Venus, by Stephanie Casimiro

“ One of the leaders we've been following is Colorbeam Lighting, a manufacturer with global reach...One of the products that we really like is a designer's dream fixture named the Venus...The Venus offers all the features and benefits sought after by luxury homeowners, designers, architects, and other professional specifiers. With an incredible feature set the Venus combines the ultimate in performance and aesthetics. ”

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