The Future of Lighting     

Low Voltage, Tunable, Controllable, and Dimmable  

Lighting has entered the digital age. Gone are the days of high voltage and traditional ROMEX wire requirements. The emergence of LED technology and its minimal power requirements allow power and control over a single network cable (CAT cable). driving a smarter and more energy-efficient lighting solution.
Colorbeam Lighting offers a complete lighting system that offers unmatched flexibility, features and benefits, is easier to install, and delivers a positive impact on our carbon footprint. 


Tunability and Human Centric Lighting

Pioneers in true tunability ranging from 1800K to 6500K, Colorbeam Lighting technology drives the ability to deliver any mood setting or proper task lighting at any time of day. At the press of a button or continually throughout the day, Circadian Rhythm and Human Centric lighting becomes part of your lifestyle.
As medical research continues to prove that sleep patterns, mood, and general health are linked to the lighting we are exposed to; Colorbeam’s ability to mimic the sun’s natural light will continue to play a key role in enhancing our overall health.

Accenting Space in Infinite Color

Color plays a key role in enhancing any residential, commercial, and hospitality environment. Colorbeam's complete portfolio of RGB and RGBW recessed fixtures, tape and accent lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting products are the perfect complement in creating the desired lighting effect in any application. 

Controllability and Perfect Dimming

The key to Colorbeam's revolutionary, market-leading, low voltage lighting solution is our patent GATEway processor.

Lighting has become digital, and Colorbeam's technology provides the ability to deliver flawless, flicker-free dimming curves, control simplicity, and unparalleled compatibility to third-party lighting control manufacturers.

Ease of Integration
Colorbeam's class 2 UL certified low voltage lighting system, powered and controlled over network CAT cable offers ease of installation in any application.
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