House of Worship, Action Church

Project Vision 

Action Church is the second fastest growing church in the U.S.  In the past years, they have dedicated themselves to enhance their congregants' experience by creating an immersive environment in which members’ experience is augmented by the power of sound and lights. Action Church aimed to use the latest AVL (audio, video and lighting) technologies available in the market to elevate its congregants' sense of fulfillment and participation. Hence, Crown Design Group and the congregation decided to benefit from the optimal & advanced lighting solution provided by Colorbeam Lighting.

Action Church: Lighting Goals

- Create an immersive experience for the congregants
- Modernize the lighting system based on the most advanced solution in the market
- Have the ability to control lights based on numerous applications (mass time vs. events)
- Become a preeminent example for other churches

Crown design_Church Project5

The Challenge 

Essentially, the Action Church planned to remove the old and out-dated fluorescent fixtures and replace them with a modern and controllable LED RGB lighting solution.

The Colorbeam Lighting design team had to ensure that the new lighting system allows the church to create scenes depending on various applications.



The Solution 

Working closely with the Crown Design team, Colorbeam created and programmed scenes that met the recommended foot candle requirements established by the IES, for all the Church's distinct and diverse occasions. Colorbeam Lighting presented the church with the flexibly to deliver the required Lumen output for congregational applications as well as color changing capabilities for entertainment purposes. 

Powered by Colorbeam's patented GATEway processor, the selection of fixtures utilized were key in meeting Action Church's vision of a controllable and immersive lighting experience for their congregants. 


No other company is making the products Colorbeam does! We weren’t able to find any similar company. Colorbeam Products are unique, and the ability to control light is exactly what we were looking for.”

Ben Graham, Owner at Crown Design Group


The Result

Since project completion, Action Church has received tremendous press, both for its modern design and ambiance. There has been an outpouring of excitement from the community and other younger churches for Action Church's ability to create the right mood through lighting for various occasions. 

The positive response Crown Design Group has received since project completion has led to new lighting projects in a variety of markets.


Crown design_Church Project3

About Crown Design Group

Crown Design was hired by Action Church to modernize their Audio Video Lighting systems.

Crown Design Group is an AVL Integration company that offers creative system designs, product sales, and installation of Pro Audio, Video, and Low Voltage Lighting.

Crown Design Group specializes in the conceptualizing and designing of spaces, utilizing cutting-edge-technologies to help create splendid atmosphere and environment.

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House of Worship, Action Church

Project Vision Action Church is the second fastest growing church in the U.S. In the past years, they have dedicated themselves to enhance their congregants' experience by creating an immersive...
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