Case Study: Lindsey Residence Project

Project Vision

The vision for this project was to deliver the most technologically advanced lighting solution that would meet the customer’s lifestyle requirements and that would be worthy of this unique ultra upscale home located in  Las Vegas Nevada region.

Lifestyle a-1


The Challenge

Eagle Sentry, led by President Cory Reif, were challenged to deliver a lighting solution that would deliver proper white light for general and task lighting requirements but that could also transform the home into the ultimate Las Vegas party and entertainment space using colored lighting. Therefore, the Colorbeam design team had to creatively design the lighting solution to respond to the client's requests. 


Lindsey-colorbeam lighting


The Solution

Working in close collaboration, the Eagle Sentry and Colorbeam Lighting team worked on a design using tunable RGB recessed fixtures, RGBW tape lights, and an array of landscape fixtures that powered and controlled by the Colorbeam patented GATEway processor would allow scene selections to be triggered at a press of a button. 


I would like to commend you and your staff at Colorbeam Lighting for your excellent work providing us with superior LED fixtures and lighting design services. Your commitment to Eagle Sentry and our residential channel has provided us with the ability to grow our low voltage integration business into an entirely new category. This has allowed us to expand our revenue stream and maximize our dollars per project.”

- Cory Reif, President 



The Result

At project completion, a home worthy of the greatest Las Vegas properties was created. This house now includes a state-of-the-art lighting solution that offers unlimited possibilities in meeting the customer’s lighting preferences and requirements to live, work, and play.


Colorbeam's cat6 based LED fixtures have created a new level of excitement with our clients, builders, architects, and interior designers. We look forward to our continued relationship and future Colorbeam projects ”

-- Cory Reif, President 

About Eagle Sentry

Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling an existing one, Eagle Sentry will integrate state-of-the-art electronic solutions and make them easy for you to operate and control.

The mission of Eagle Sentry is to provide the finest protection and low voltage design, installation, and service to individuals, business enterprises and their builder network.

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Case Study: Lindsey Residence Project

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