Quietly nestled high above Los Angeles in the Beverly Hills Post Office enclave, the Summitridge Estate is an expansive property that overlooks the urban jungle below, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, adjacent hillsides, and downtown LA. 


Colorbeam Summitridge Drive_095-1With more than 10,000 square feet of indoor living space and 11,000 square feet of outdoor living spaces, this exquisite property features top-of-the-line finishes and furnishings throughout. It’s an incredible one-of-a-kind oasis comprised of every conceivable amenity, built with the highest level of quality, detail, and artistry. From the craftsman German kitchen, multiple roof deck bars, a cigar lounge worthy of Hollywood royalty, to the vast utilization of beautiful Italian marbles, the estate is truly iconic.

The contemporary estate was designed by Troy Adams Design & Development. This mecca of style and entertainment features smart home technology, a detailed security system, and a 9-foot video wall. Innovative and dramatic Colorbeam Lighting LED low-voltage lighting brings both indoor and outdoor spaces to life. 

Color beam Lighting - Low-Voltage Lighting 2

Colorbeam delivers revolutionary low-voltage lighting technology, featuring a patented GATEway processor that drives tunability, color, ease of third-party control integration, and flawless dimming. Colorbeam’s end-to-end low-voltage lighting solution includes a wide array of fixtures that deliver an overall positive impact on carbon footprint. Additionally, the company’s lifestyle and wellness lighting offerings give energizing light in the morning, natural light during the day, and elegant warm light in the evening. The systems allow inhabitants to personalize their experiences with Colorbeam's tunable human-centric lighting solution and create a healthier and more pleasant living environment. 

Working with the low-voltage team at GAV MGMT and Maurizio Gaudio, CTO and Co-Founder of Colorbeam, Adams quickly realized that he wanted lighting to play a major role in the overall design. “I like that there are so many options with Colorbeam, and that it is all low-voltage RGBW*,” he says. “As a designer, this allows me to specify the color temperature of the light and have fun with scenes.”

Likewise, Gaudio said that working with Adams was “...a great experience. We coordinated and worked together closely on all phases of the project.”

The biggest advantage to the Colorbeam system is that it has the ability to dial Adams designs, which is a huge advantage. He was able to transform rooms and give them a completely different look at the touch of a button. “That’s the biggest advantage about working with Colorbeam from a design perspective...we can really bring to light the vision of the designer,” says Gaudio.

Of course, as with any project on this massive scale, there were many challenges along the way, mostly due to the enormous amount of custom work that was required.

1426 Summitridge Drive_066

“When dealing with such high-end projects as this one, we are not delivering off-the-shelf products,” says Gaudio. “We had to be very creative in customizing fixtures and coming up with solutions to meet the challenges and bring the estate to life. Working closely with architects, builders, and designers we strive to deliver a transformation with the ability to choose whatever color and color temperatures of white to really create the right experience.”

Colorbeam Lighting - Low-Voltage Lighting 3Adams worked closely with Colorbeam lighting engineer Jean-Marc Lariviere to bring the project to life. Through Adam’s vision, Lariviere was able to choose the right products and deliver the desired experience he was looking for. “I love that the system is low voltage and easily controllable with the Crestron System,” adds Adams.

Oftentimes, lighting design takes a back seat to other aspects of the interior design. But not in this case. “Colorbeam lighting was not an afterthought because it is such a major element on this estate,” says Gaudio. “We were taken more seriously and were brought in early on in the project. It’s so important to have a low voltage contractor on these projects, and the Summitridge Estate project definitely made us more relevant.”

When asked what advice Adams had for other designers working on a home in which technology plays such an important role, he said “I think it is prudent to have weekly meetings and stay close all throughout the design process. Large-scale projects shift and morph and staying in constant communication will help streamline the process and avoid costly changes and delays.”

Not only does this project highlight how dramatically lighting affects the look and feel of a home, it emphasizes the need for architects, designers, and general contractors to engage technology integrators early in the design process, before getting proposals from framing contractors, electricians, and even HVAC contractors.

C olorbeam Beverly Hills 2-2

About Troy Adams Design & Development

Troy Adams Design & Development is a full-service manufacturer of exquisite design and showcase properties. Founded by Troy Adams, who has received numerous accolades for his intrinsic, sophisticated, and harmonious approach to design. Troy harbors his 30-plus-year’s in the interior design industry and exemplifies it into all-encompassing, specialized real estate developments for his investors.

Troy Adams is widely known for exquisite kitchens, baths, and wardrobes with unmatched flexibility and utilitarianism. Troy’s illumination by minimalist design and functionality, along with emulating the prestige of European fashion houses, he possesses a characterized ability to create works of art in a theater-like environment. Every project that is undertaken by Troy Adams Design & Development becomes a show piece; utilizing the latest in technology, innovation, exotic and unique materials, and earth friendly products. TAD&D executes its projects with precision, bringing new design inspiration to the real estate, design, and development industry.

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*RGBW stands for red green blue white colored LED

Credit to HTA for writing this blog.

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